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High quality to make our products taste better.

All cooked specialties are made on the basis of the specially designed technologies in accordance with the best traditions of the Russian and European cuisine.

Only high quality natural ingredients are used to make the cake and pie crusts.

That is what makes every product delicious with unique smell of the homemade cooking, of which factory-made delicacies cannot always boast. 

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Make earnings using our quick-to-make products.

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Using "Cheroka"quick-to-make products one can easily set up own competitive business which does not require significant investments or big production facilities.

Company Production Facilities

  • All products are certified in accordance with the provisions of the Laws. 

  • We examine the quality of raw stock on a regular basis, to ensure that we use only high-quality ingredients. 
  • So if you start your own production, the quality of your products is guaranteed.
  • Our prefabricated goods are dry and may be stored for a long period of time and do not require any non-healthy additives. All products made on the basis of our prefabs stay natural and fresh. 
  • We follow market tendencies and know what the buyers need , and this inspires us to develop the product range and enhance the product properties. 


Products of the “Cheroka” Company are able of turning one’s life into a holiday, all sweet –tooth people can easily agree with this.