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A Cheroka cake is the hit dish on a holiday table!

Where to buy

The products of the “Cheroka” confectionary one can buy in the following supermarkets and stores :

  • Hypermarket chains: Auchan, Hyperglobus, Karusel, Liniya, Magnit, Lenta, Okey, Perekrestok. 
  • In St.Petersburg and Leningradskaya Oblast we sell our products in the retail networks: Semishagoff, Briz, Optimalny, Petrovsky, Plovdiv, Prizma, RiOMAG, SPM Plus, Green, Sezon, Nevsky supermarket store, hypermarket Sigma, Lotos- Gourmet, BUM department store, Kedr, Melnitsa.
  • In Voronezh and Voronezhskaya Oblast we sell out products in the hypermarket chains Pyatorochka, Orion Plus, Evropa, Krupa, Krokus, Sintorg, Khomyak, Lipka.
  • In Sevastopol-  in the Nastenyka retail network
  • In the Far East – in the retail network Remi
  • In the Republic of Belarus we sell out products in  the supermarket chains Hippo, Korona Kalvariiskaya, ALMI, Baniar, BelMarket, Vitalur, Green, Dobronom, Domashny, Evimpex, Evrotorg, Korony, Libtretik , Mart Inn Food Ltd., Prostor, Rublevsky, Santa. 
  • In the Republic of Kazakhstan – in the supermarket chain Skif Trade 

About company

Our Mission

  •  We work for the people abd with the people. 
  •  We give more time for entertainment.
  •  We are aimed at expanding the product range so that our products could  bring joy to every house. 

The main part of the equipment used for making the products was developed by the Company engineers. We are really proud of this and consider this to be our competitive advantage. 

The product assortment of the Company has no parallel in Russia. 

Make earnings using our quick-to-make products.

Become a partner

Using "Cheroka"quick-to-make products one can easily set up own competitive business which does not require significant investments or big production facilities.


Company Production Facilities

  • All products are certified in accordance with the provisions of the Laws. 

  • We examine the quality of raw stock on a regular basis, to ensure that we use only high-quality ingredients. 
  • So if you start your own production, the quality of your products is guaranteed.
  • Our prefabricated goods are dry and may be stored for a long period of time and do not require any non-healthy additives. All products made on the basis of our prefabs stay natural and fresh. 
  • We follow market tendencies and know what the buyers need , and this inspires us to develop the product range and enhance the product properties.